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"STRONG" Bearing Tubes are custom machined from aluminum alloy to make assembly easy.  Bearing tubes for single 22.7 mm stator motors have been so popular they are now CNC machined and available at a special price.  Bearing tubes for other motors commonly made with GoBrushless stators are also available.  You can even have bearing tubes custom made to your dimensions or to fit stators you provide.  When stators are mounted next to the collar the back edge of the stator will  line up with rear edge of standard or extended cans when the motor is assembled.  That makes maximum space available for windings on the front side of the stator .   Bearing tubes for 25 mm stators have no shoulder since no standard stator thickness or can depth have been established.  Precision ball bearings and stock stators can be added.  Winding terminators and wire finish the stator assembly with "STRONG Parts".

Key Benefits

bulletEasy stator mounting (precision fit and locating shoulder)
bulletAluminum is light, strong and carries the heat away
bulletSlip fit bearing bores (easy installation, low friction and long life)
bulletHigh quality class zz ball bearings, sealed and rated to 60,000 rpm


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Description Price

SKU #  

Bearing Tube for single 22.7 mm stators- 1.9 g was$5
Now $1
Bearing Tube for single 20 mm stators- 1.8 g was$6.50
Now $1
Bearing Tube for Common Double Stators- 2.1 g was$7.50
Now $1
Motor size
  Custom Bearing tube $7.50 BTC
Stator ID-x.xx mm or in
Over all Bearing tube length


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